Innovative APPlications for the augmented use of satellite observations to support Air Quality management

The aim of the APP4AQ project... to exploit the coverage and information of recent and future satellite data for developing service-oriented applications for the field of air pollution control. Further data processing using measurements and modelling will create an added value and will foster satellite usage in the long run.

Data management platform

Real time and archived satellite data will be provided together with other air quality data (surface measurements, emission data, model results) for end users. A customizable data management platform is used and further developed to enable air pollution authorities and experts an integral view about air pollution patterns over Europe and particularly Austria.

Processing approach to determine emission source terms

While the spatial coverage of satellite data is large, atmospheric components are only available as column values or coarse profile values. The monitored trace gases and aerosols still lack proper vertical resolution particularly near the ground and the first couple of 100 m above the ground.
The determination and allocation of emissions as well as updates are challenging tasks. Backtracking of satellite column values of air pollutants can support currently used methods by using additional data with large coverage and high resolution. Models will still play an important role as they will provide the quantified effects of emissions, i.e. the vertical distribution of pollutants, their transport and chemical transformation processes. Within APP4AQ the emphasise will be on European regional emission data the focus is laid on Austria, particularly on regions with good data coverage to be used by further processing

The APP4AQ-p2 project is funded in the frame of the 14th ASAP call (FFG, project number: 865970)